Nora Lassiter has been in Silver Stream, Maine way too long. But before she heads back to New York City to look for a computer job, she needs  to help two people who are still under the impression she is a “hotshot NY detective,”  which she definitely is not.

 First, there’s Marney, whose husband raided their joint bank account, and has taken up with Marney’s arch enemy Beverly Sue,  a ski instructor.  Second, there’s Margaret the librarian, who is missing something valuable, and needs to find the  person responsible, possibly her second cousin once-removed, Beverly Sue.

Meanwhile, a body turns up; a movie crew begins filming in town; Nora’s aunts prepare to be extras in the movie; Nora takes a skiing lesson in hopes of uncovering clues; and things heat up between Nora and Sheriff Nick.

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Bernadine Fagan